Once Einstein was offered for presidency of Israel. But he declined saying he has no head for problems.

Einstein's last words died with him because nurse at his side didn't understand German.


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Human mind can move faster then light?

In Upanisad (holy book of Hindus) i find this line "one moving faster
then mind the god even catch it". I repeated this line for few times
because i found some symmetry between this line and theory of
relativity. One achievement of special theory of relativity is the
fact of velocity of light. Velocity of light is constant and greatest
attainable velocity. Then it is easy to think that mind can move
faster then light? Is it true? And upanisads already said that if one
move faster then light then even god can not catch it. Then the object
must have very large energy so that god also weak to catch it? Then
what is the velocity of mind? It seems to be greater then light but i
think this is less or nearly equal to the velocity of light not more.
Because we can think any object after see it. And we see it after
light from it comes to us. One example, if we are observing sun and
thinking and sun suddenly collapses but we still observing it and we
found the sun collapsed after 8 minutes of it dissaper. Then what the
velocity of mind? It is obviously less and nearly equal to light. So
higher velocity of mind mean equal or grater then the velocity of
light. And it is not attainable and if it is attainable then object
moving with this velocity have infinite energy whon nobody can stop
even god!