Music video in space

We have already seen some video or films which shows the state of zero gravity. But all we know that  those video was made with the help of animation. Although those video shows the true nature of space still there is something missing. That is reality of space. Till now there was no any effect on space was filmed but one astronaut Chris Hadfield tried to made a music video in international space station ISS. You can watch the effect of zero gravity there. Guitar seems to flow in space. And Chris himself stand there as unusual way from the reference frame of earth. Watch this video here.

Last day of student life

It's not over yet but formally I will not be in any educational institution as a formal student. Today was the last day of practical class of Masters level class. That's why this is the last date of my college life. When I step out from my college life an unusual feeling comes in my mind with burst of tear. Those tear were for the memory of my whole student life and the challenge which is going to be faced in near future.

A moment to remember for forever

Finally we have done it. We have become the champion of WCL division 3 and entered into division 2. This was a moment which was awaited for long time from Nepalese people. But there was always some zinx which always restricted us to reach top level of world cricket. But finally we have made it. thanks to hardworking of our coach and all players. This is a moment to celebrate. and remember to forever. Congratulation Nepal, Nepali players and all Nepali people.

Dreams come true.

Some moments  which are waited for long time and appears suddenly then there is no thing to express. The dream of world cricket division 2 and world cup was almost all but over but dramatic change of the game in last two days changed our fate and we reached the final of the WCL division 3. This is a promotion toward the WCL division 2 and opportunity to play cricket world cup selection. In last few months Nepali cricked has observed the dramatic change thanks to our coach Mr Pubudu  dassanayake and all our cricket team for their hard work.But this is not the last destination. We have more work to do in future. But now we have to concentrate to win the final against Uganda.
All the best for Nepali cricket team.
And finally,......
today I decided to reactivate  this blog and decided to post some content. But I think the victory of Nepal and the content of this is  most appropriate post for this. This is because my last post on this blog was also related with cricked world cup. Not I'm regular with this blog. Hope you will enjoy.

Congrats England

Wow! finally you guys done it. after a long waiting the world cup trophy goes to it's birthplace. It was only the result of hard working of england cricket team. In this battle they only lost to west indis but this was only unlucky time to them as they have made a good target but rain played a negative role and they lost from DL method. but in the all series they were in brillient form and they were the true claimant of the trophy. finally congrats to english cricket team and their supporter.